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SEO- Search Engine Optimization

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What is SEO Search Engine Optimization ?

The majority of online business owners have no clue what it means to have their website optimized. They think if they put up a website, naturally it will start pulling in business. Sorry to inform you but thats wrong information, because unless someone is typing your exact URL, word for word, then no one will ever find you or your business! There is so much more to Web development than just creating a beautiful web design. A fancy website with no SEO is like putting a billboard on the moon, it may be nice but no one will ever see it! Think about it like this, let’s say you’re a plumber and your website is PeoplesPlumbing.com. If someone types that exact search term in Google, they will definitely find you. HOWEVER thats not what the mass majority of people in need of a plumber will search! They will look-up, “plumber near me” or “cheap plumber”! If you don’t have any relevant search terms included in your content, no backlinks to your website or citations (NAP) throughout the web, that customer will never know you ever existed. No one ever goes to page 3 or 4 when looking for a service because we know the businesses on page 1 are the best! Can you imagine how much business they are getting for being at the top?

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Will it Benefit Me?

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Here at Diamond City Digital Marketing, we have the tools and skills to show you how and why they are in the top spots. First, we will shoot you a simple video showing what changes and improvements need to be made and what we plan on doing to start building you the complete package. We can completely revise your website according to standards and beat them in every category to reach the 1st page! And, if you don’t choose to use our services, at least let us show you the way because helping small business owners in a time like this is what we’re here for. All you have to do is fill out the form for your FREE consultation or click the call button and we can get started today! A better future and more business will come!



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A Better Future Is One Call Away!

Diamond City Digital Marketing is here for ALL your online business service needs! Let’s review your current website, decipher the top competitors and why they are there, then beat them in all 3 aspects of Google- CONTENT, BACKLINKS, CITATIONS! What are you waiting for?