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What is Google Map Pack

Google Map Pack is a quick screenshot of your business for internet perusal. GMB (Google My Business) gives a quick business summary, overall ratings, business address, average prices and a photo, just to name a few features.

Since Google can localize searches by referencing your IP address with your zip code, GMB is one of the best means of getting your business in front of potential customers. Add to this that Google displays the local pack above text-only site descriptions or link-based search results and suddenly GMB is a valuable tool. The Google Map Pack can gather as much as 44% of clicks on search engine results pages.

Google Map Pack goes hand in glove with search engine optimization (SEO), because you want to maximize the power of the copywriting on your site to show high on the organic search listings. You want your business to be at the top of the page for search results, because almost no one goes to page 2 when they are looking for a search result. GMB helps you do that. The team here at Diamond City Digital Marketing are experts in managing your business site to get you to the first page of search results.

web design Scranton pa

How it can Benefit You! Your Business! Your Bottom Line!

When you are looking for a new product or service, do you at least glance at online reviews?
Of course you do!
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However, are you necessarily scared off by a poor review? Probably not. A poor review on your site is not the end of the world. You will want to be proactive in responding to poor reviews – and thanking customers who write 5 star reviews as well – to protect your ratings on GMB and search engine results pages. Your review responses can immediately improve customer perception of your business, even when responding to poor reviews. 

Small businesses can also improve their rankings through engagement through the local community, even above their much larger competition. Are you partnering with non-competing businesses? Sponsoring a local youth sports team? Local community members are then mentioning your business and increasing your citations — mentions of your business — in areas such as online phone directories, social media and online review sites, to name a few.

Why it benefits your business:

Perfect Positioning :

Maximize your positioning with Google Map Pack and search engine optimization can be a giant headache for a business owner interested in maximizing revenue. Let our team of experts at Diamond City Digital Marketing analyze your business needs and come up with a plan to maximize your listing on Google Map Packs!

Easier for you to close sales :

Google Map Pack assist potential customers to find reputable businesses in their local area, again, cross-referencing IP addresses and zip codes. 80 percent of potential customers say they trust businesses with 4.0 to 5.0 stars.

Showcases your reviews :

Positive reviews tend to be a force multiplier for your business. They highlight your business positively, which in turn increases your ranking on Google algorithms, which then further highlights your business on search engine results.


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web design Scranton pa